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  2. To export an image with alpha transparency, you must have an alpha channel. To check if GIMP comes with standard filters that supports creating gradients; look under Filters + Light and Shadow. You are only limited by your imagination. To demonstrate the capabilities of alpha transparency, a soft glow in the background around Wilber is shown. After you're done with your image, you can.
  3. I am trying to export a layer from GIMP to Photoshop. The layer is added with alpha channel and when i try to export to Photoshop it converts into white color
  4. To save an image with alpha transparency, you must have an alpha channel. To check if the image has an alpha channel, go to the channel dialog and verify that an entry for Alpha exists, besides Red, Green and Blue. If this is not the case, add a new alpha channel from the layers menu. You can now remove the background layer to get a completely transparent background, or create a.
  5. GIMP enthält einige Standardfilter, die das Erstellen von Farbverläufen unterstützen (sehen Sie unter Filter + Licht und Schatten nach). Ihrer Phantasie sind dabei keine Grenzen gesetzt. Die Möglichkeiten von Alpha-Transparenz demonstriert hier ein leichtes Hintergrundglühen um Wilber herum

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  1. I removed the background with colour to alpha, and gimp shows it how I want it. However whenever I export the image, gimp replaces the background as if I had never made it transparent. Colour mode is RGB. When I add a white layer behind the image, the original background also returns. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, M. Attachments: File comment: Export settings Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at.
  2. How to export transparency (eg for upload to the web) with Gimp. In this example I look at problems trying to save an SVG format file with Gimp and consider what alternatives there are
  3. GIMP tutorial that explains Alpha Channels and Transparency. What Add Alpha Channel does. How you can tell a layer has transparecy. This a FAQuestion and I hope the explanation on it is clear.
  4. GIMP- What does Add Alpha Channel mean? - tutorial - Duration: 4:06. GIMPtricks 105,887 views. 4:06. GIMP Tutorial: The Best Way to Remove a Background - Duration: 5:17
  5. Just guesses (07-22-2017, 11:49 PM) peekofartertainment Wrote: I'm running OS 10.6.8, and using GIMP 2.8.16. In attempting to export a file with a transparency background I get getting the file with a white alpha channel background that I can't delete or clear
  6. Gimp 2.10.12 will export a dds file in various formats. If you are not using the latest version you should update. Which export option do you use? see screenshot 01. The png you posted does not have an alpha channel. Is that intentional? It does however, resemble an image with transparent areas, exported to a dds file (DXT5) screenshot 0

Step 1. Load image and Add Alpha Channel. Use the File > Open method to open the image in GIMP. Then, as mentioned before, the first step involves adding an alpha channel. Right-click on the layer. Step by step, beginners tutorial on how to remove the background from an image and make it transparent. Gimp 2.10.8 standard installation - Windows 10. Always check all your settings and options. forgot to add i do add alpha channel. From gimp 2.8.22 I've successfully saved an alpha channel in a png image that shows the css background color through the image correctly when used as the src in an img tag in an html file. Maybe your image is saving correctly but how your are viewing is supplying a black background which would be viewable through the alpha layer? rich404. 2018-08-07 07:53. Today I would like to share an explanation on what the alpha channel is and show you how you can outline text using the alpha channel. 1. What is the alpha channel. The channels tab can be seen from the Layers view. There are 4 channels, Red, Green, Blue and Alpha. The alpha channel is used for transparency

how to export layer with alpha channel from GIMP to

how to export layer with alpha channel from GIMP to

GIMP for Windows. Updated on 2020-03-24: GIMP 2.10.18 installer revision 2 Fixes GEGL issue #231, which caused corrupted images once the swap file size reached 2 GiB . Download GIMP 2.10.18 via BitTorrent Download GIMP 2.10.18 directly . The download links above will attempt to download GIMP from one of our trusted mirror servers GIMP Transparency; Problem. In most GNU/Linux distributions, GIMP (short for GNU Image Manipulation Program) happens to be the default application for pixel and photo editing. (Note that Krita is also an excellent application, which additionally offers native CYMK support for press printing.) If you are coming from the prohibitively expensive Adobe Photoshop, you might be surprised not to find. Beim Export in reine Pixel-Formate sollte damit sichergestellt sein dass die Daten überschrieben werden. Bei Formaten, die mehrere Ebenen unterstützen, etwa dem Gimp-eigenen XCF-Format, muss man. Kostenloser Versand verfügbar. Kauf auf eBay. eBay-Garantie

gimp-jxr. GIMP plugin for reading and writing of JPEG XR image files. The plugin is designed to run with GIMP version 2.8.x. A version targeting GIMP 2.9 (albeit unfinished) can be found in the gimp-2.9 branch. Features. Almost all pixel formats supported by JPEG XR can be loaded. Incompatible formats, however, will first be converted to a. Choose File > Export > Media. In the Export Settings dialog box, choose FLV|F4V from the Format menu. Choose an FLV preset from the Preset menu. On the Video tab, select Encode Alpha Channel. Set other settings and click Export or Queue to export as you normally would Board index » Gimp Help. All times are UTC - 5 hours [ DST] Force png export in RGBA : Page 1 of 2 [ 14 posts ] Go to page 1, 2 Next. Export with File -> Save As and select BC3/DXT5 as compression when asked. Note: Neither .dds nor .bmp files store any layer information, so it's recommended to undo the layer merging process after exporting (CTRL+Z or CTRL+Y) and save the texture in GIMP's native .xcf or the .psd format for further editing at a later point

Alpha handling in gimp is quite easy. First add the alpha channel as ZacD explained. Here you can although choose an existing alpha channel as alpha layer if you load an RGBA for example. Now you have to thumbnails in the layer view, the left one is the RGB view, the right one the alpha channel. Press left mouse button on each of this. How could I export that into a tiff file in order to import it into photoshop to work with it? (This is just a silly example of what I want, please don't respond by asking why not use a fill layer, oh mighty gurus). Edit: Just to clarify, I'd like to have a tiff image which looks exactly like the alpha channel on the screen. Edit2: Damn I.

GIMP. Step 1: Setting GIMP up. Alright, so you installed GIMP and fired it up, it will probably look similar to this. To open GIMP in one window, you go to Windows > Single-Window Mode. Step 2: Making the background transparent. Now open the image you want to make transparent. I've chosen this image: But you can use whatever image you like. Just wondering because the alpha is there but it removed the color from the non-alpha parts when brought into the Editor as shown in the picture on the left. When I saved Josh's png using Gimp as a 32-bit A8 R8 G8 B8 bitmap, it looks like the one on the right when brought into the Editor

Video: 2.3. Bilder mit Transparenz exportieren - GIMP

Solution: Gimp color to alpha with no bleeding. After a little research I found this solution on the StackExchange website, which is close to what I needed: (I made a few notes on that image to help me remember what I did.) An example: Black phone with a gray background. My own images were of a black Android Nexus 5 emulator on a gray background, which looks like this: What I did to implement. The specs say that launcher icons for Play Store should be 32-bit PNG with an alpha channel for transparency. Starting with a basic PNG created in Paint, what is the best way to achieve this? I see references to Gimp. Is this tool recommended? If so, what is the approach? Do you create a second layer with a alpha channel and then somehow. In the GIMP, one way would be to split the image into layers for each channel. Select Colors->Components->Decompose and choose RGBA or whatever channels you want to break into layers. Then edit your individual alpha and color channels as you see fit (they should be greyscale), then go Colors->Components->Compose choose your desired channel layout and choose your layers to use for each channel Save/export .bmp file in Gimp (free image editor) If you're looking to use a free desktop-based image editor, check out and download Gimp. The software is free and available for your computer. There is a little bit of a learning curve but it's a streamlined and powerful program with lots of online documentation for help and further image editing training and practice. To save the file as a. Theo M (forums@gimpusers.com) wrote:Just a side note to my reference in the subject line, when i opened the images to layers, i found that the inverse selection I did to delete everything but the rider, did not delete to transparent but rather to white, which I then convert colour to alpha. i was under the impression that the I could delete to transparency, and despite my best efforts I.

I have come to a situation where I have an image in Gimp with multiple layers. Now, I want to export every single layer as an individual image (PNG format preferably) automatically to a folder somewhere. Is this possible? The long method: Hide all layers except one, crop the section you want, export image. Hide saved layer, unhide another one. It depends on the version of GIMP that you're using. I use 1.2, and I generally use photoshop to apply alpha channels that I make in GIMP. to make an alpha channel, what I do is select the entire image, copy it, and then do filters -> colors -> color to alpha... or in 2.4's case, just color -> color to alpha How to Make Background Transparent in Gimp. 04/23/18 on Tech. I feel that everytime I want to do this (which is like once or twice a year), I find myself googling. I thought that, once and for all, I'd write a blog post on how to do this. Gimp is an awesome, free open source image editor. It's rich with functionality and you can do a great deal with it, I highly recommend using it if you. Exporting Textures - DDS Files From BeamNG. Language: [[::Exporting Textures - DDS Files|English]] Contents. 1 About; 2 Compression types. 2.1 BC1 / DXT1; 2.2 BC3 / DXT5; 2.3 BC5 / ATI2 (3Dc) 2.4 BC7; 3 Plugins. 3.1 Photoshop; 3.2 GIMP; 3.3 Paint.net; 3.4 Compressonator; 4 Why not use JPG or PNG files? This guide will show you how to export textures properly for BeamNG.drive. About. Almost. Convert a layer to an image's Alpha Channel. Hi all, For a game I do texture work for, environment reflections on the cars are governed by the Alpha Channel; White is maximum reflection, Black is no reflection. Before being converted into the game's texture format, files are .tga format. My normal workflow is painting the car in GIMP , creating a Layer at the top of the stack called 'Alpha.

transparency - Gimp, OSX: PNG file seem to be saved

Imagetool preserves the size but does not allow manipulation or separate import/export of the alpha channel. The GIMP (which I now use; formerly it was PaintShop Pro) seems not to allow alpha channel import from an external file, nor direct editing of the alpha channel. Or at least I can't figure out how to do it; results are never as expected gimp_export_image GimpExportReturn gimp_export_image (gint32 *image_ID, gint32 *drawable_ID, const gchar *format_name, GimpExportCapabilities capabilities);. Takes an image and a drawable to be saved together with a description of the capabilities of the image_format GIMP 2.10.18 Update 2 Deutsch: Das ehemals reine Linux-Bildbearbeitungs-Programm GIMP steht ab sofort in einer aktualisierten Windows-Version zum Download bereit Steps to open EPS files in GIMP. If you try to open an EPS image with GIMP you may see a warning similar to that as below. If you get this message then there are a few steps you need to perform (the steps below are for Windows7 64bit however just change the Ghostscript path for 32bit Windows): Download and install Ghostscript. In Windows explorer find and make a note of the location of gswin64.

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White background instead of transparent Things look alright on GIMP side from yur screenshot, but for the fact your image filename lists it as a .jpg. The jpg file format has no support for transparency, and the simptons of trying to save transparency to such a file would be exactly waht you describe Having trouble editing the alpha channel for textures in gimp for use with Unity specular shaders. Close. 4. Posted by 7 years ago. Archived. Having trouble editing the alpha channel for textures in gimp for use with Unity specular shaders. According to most of the tutorials I have looked up, I should be able to load a texture into gimp, create a layermask, edit the layermask however I see fit. The tutorials i found all did the same: they created alpha information which was considered alpha in gimp, but not in unity, and additionally changed my main texture which i !don't! want to happen. Really hoping that someone can help me here because i have tried a lot and still not getting results at all Blender Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for people who use Blender to create 3D graphics, animations, or games. It only takes a minute to sign up. Sign up to join this community. Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the top Home ; Questions ; Tags ; Users ; Unanswered ; Can Blender render pngs with the background transparent? Ask.

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I just imported your texture into UE4, made a quick material, set the material to blend-masked and plugged the alpha channel of your texture into the opacity mask node and it worked fine(1/4 was visible and 3/4 invisible) so the data is there, I also opened your texture in gimp and the alpha was fine there too. I did notice the alpha didn't show when I opened the texture in UE4 although I have. We found for you 22 PNG gimp color to alpha makes whole image transparent images, 3 JPG gimp color to alpha makes whole image transparent images with total size: 3.04 Mb. Remove half transparency . GIMP: Remove half-transparency from an image and add leave full transparency-part untouched - Graphic Design Stack Exchange GIMP is an advanced image editor and you can use it to add transparency to an image. The process is going to be a bit different if the image you start out with isn't a PNG. In some cases, the process can also be a little tricky even if you have a PNG file. This is because of something called the 'alpha channel'. This is where transparency. GIMPで.tifファイルを保存する際に TIFF save cannot handle indexed images with alpha channel と表示される場合 . ソフトウエア. アルファチャンネルを削除してもこのように表示される場合、[画像(I)]→[画像の統合(E)]としてみると保存できる場合があります。 k3k1 2013-09-29 15:55. Tweet. 広告を非表示にする. 関連.

GIMP VTF Plugin. A relatively simple save options screen is used. To access VTF's more esoteric features make your textures with VTFEdit. There are two GIMP-specific features. You can: Specify a layer to use as the VTF's alpha channel. This bypasses most problems with GIMP's readiness to destroy the RGB data of fully-transparent pixels. Export each layer group to a different VTF file. .psd wurde in Gimp vor dem Export auf 32Bit gesetzt und .jpg auf 16Bit. Lieben Gruß Sten. Nach oben. Ayla2011 Beiträge: 87 Registriert: Mi 20. Jun 2018, 19:47 Skype: Re: GIMP 2.10 und seine Tücken. Zitat ; Beitrag von Ayla2011 » Mo 16. Jul 2018, 13:52 . Family-bedingt kurze Pause - und schon habe ich wieder 'ne Frage. Mich hat ja in letzter Zeit die Test-Wut gepackt und ich probiere alles.

May 2nd Part 2: Actually, this problem happens if the png file already created gets opened with GIMP 2.10 and exported as a WebP file. That's where it screws up on export with a double sized WebP that GIMP can't open. You literally need to make (not import) a new picture and export it as a webp, as directly exporting an imported png file triggers the problem Then send the original texture to GIMP, do your editing, export it with the same name as the original texture, and take it back into DXTBMP. You can then go to the top menu and click Alpha Channel, then go down to Import Alpha channel. Import your previously exported Alpha .BMP image and you will see it in the Alpha channel box. THEN. I tried selecting the layer by Alpha to Selection again but it didn't change the selection at all. What Alpha to Selection is suppose to do is select not just the solid pixels but also partially select the semi-transparent pixels as well. Something like this: (Using Lock Alpha Channel to get the effect Alpha to Selection is suppose to do.

GIMP- What does Add Alpha Channel mean? - tutorial - YouTub

Gimp color to alpha makes whole collection of 25 free cliparts and images with a transparent background. Download and use it for your personal or non-commercial projects. Gimp color to alpha makes whole download free clip art with a transparent background on Men Cliparts 202 Starten Sie zunächst Gimp auf Ihrem Computer und öffnen Sie das gewünschte Foto. Klicken Sie anschließend auf Datei > Exportieren als, um das Bild zu speichern. Alternativ können Sie auch die Tastenkombination [Strg] + [E] drücken. Bestimmen Sie nun den Speicherort des Fotos. Hängen Sie anschließend einfach an den Namen des Bildes die Endung .png oder .jpg an - je nachdem. Gimp ist eigentlich ein pixelorientiertes Programm, es kann einem aber helfen, aus einer Form eine Vektorgrafik zu erstellen. Wie das funktioniert, zeigen wir anhand eines Beispiels in diesem Praxistipp. Form in Gimp in eine Vektorgrafik umwandeln. Als Beispiel verwenden wir ein Icon, dessen Umrisse wir als Vektorgrafik speichern wollen. Laden Sie die Datei mit transparentem Hintergrund in.

How to make a transparent background/selection on an image using GIMP. 1. Open your image. 2. Select the area you want to make transparent. Select the appropriate selection tool from the Tool window or the Tools - Selection Tools menu on the Layer window. I usually use the magic wand/fuzzy select (Select contiguous region) tool or the Select. Maya 2016 SP5 Let's say I have a simple png with alpha channel (made with GIMP) put on a plane: I export that as ASCII FBX 2016 with embed media. When I reimport to check if it's okay, I see this: I figured it's Alpha is luminance option's fault in the hypershade: The problem is t.. We are talking about see-through text. If you have been looking to create an image like that, you have come to the right place. Today we will help you create images filled with text using GIMP

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Learn how to cut out image foregrounds with GIMP to use in synthetic image datasets. Home Blog Tutorials Courses Home Blog Tutorials Courses. Cutting Out Image Foregrounds with GIMP. Want to create a custom dataset? Check out the Courses page for a complete, end to end course on creating a COCO dataset from scratch. Get GIMP. GIMP is a cross-platform, free, open source, image editing tool. There are a number of ways to generate or create transparent materials in Blender 2.8+. For real-time, live or game-related content creation (Eevee Render Engine), transparency is typically achieved through use of a separate mask image, or more commonly, the alpha channel of a standard compatible RGB image (Red/Green/Blue), that is the A component (/Alpha) of a typical 24 bit RGBA image GIMP may not grow that selection perfectly, and you will probably have to alter the result manually. In this case, we'll use the erase tool with a 1x1 pixel brush, and opacity between 60 and 70 percent. Choose the draw straight lines option, and smooth the outline by drawing close to the border of the object

Export settings are now remembered after GIMP is closed. Now writes I8/IA8 if the image is grayscale and the user wants an uncompressed format. Fixed non-localised layer names when loading animated VTFs Getting Around in GIMP - Layer Masks; Getting Around in GIMP - Luminosity Masks & Split Toning; The original tutorial this was adapted from may be found here (possibly with updated information). GIMP Tutorial - Layer Masks (text & images) by Pat David. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

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Gimp export image with transparent background - transparent background clipart Download gimp export image with transparent background clip arts for free on Asi Cliparts. Search. Related collections: Gimp layers as png Gimp png compression level Gimp image Image gimp Gimp color to alpha makes whole image How to from illustrator with Video with After effects with Photoshop with Inkscape png with. Note: the channel mixer plug-in was not distributed with the version of GIMP I got (ver 1.2.3). I don't know whether it comes bundled with newer versions. I downloaded it from the GIMP Plug-in Registry and compiled it myself. Tips¶ Once you have a good B&W version of your image you may be interested in adding some simulated film grain I want to export is just as you see in the image, i want the dirt ares to be opaque, and anything else be transparent. Literally a dirt mask. Literally a dirt mask. No matter what combination of channels, colors, whatever else i try to enable /disable, i was never able to export the image with alpha channel that i want

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How To Make Image Background Transparent Using GIMP

Lilly Vogelesang Posted 9 years ago on 11/11/2010 at 19h40. Make sure you export a PNG4 (Animate Pro) or PNG - Colour with Transparency (Animate). Then view the image in Photoshop or Gimp to verify if it's transparent As far as I can tell, this bit (the highest) is not set in any pixel word in the file, so everything should be transparent. Unless the TGA format has the alpha channel backwards (1 means transparent). Workaround in Gimp; add a layer mask, initialize by transferring the alpha channel to the mask, and delete the mask Hi Born2BeMild. In order to preserve the Alpha channel you need to Export the image as PNG. JPG/JPEG won't preserve Alpha channels. I don't know if that answer the question. Also if you save your work in a Gimp native image file XCF, it will preserve the Alpha channel - Gimp will popup a dialog that says GIF can only handle grayscale or indexed images 6) select * Convert to Indexed using default settings 7) click Export 8) save a copy as .ico. It will give you a number of choices for bits/pixel: 1 bpp, 1 bit alpha, 2-slot palette 4 bpp, 1 bit alpha, 16-slot palette 8 bpp, 1 bit alpha, 256-slot palette 32 bpp, 8 bit alpha, no palette . Choose 4bpp. However.

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  1. Some image types lack a transparency channel; JPG for example. If this is the case, add an alpha transparency channel. This is done by selecting. Layer → Tranparency → Add Alpha Channel. Bucket fill withcolour [optional] The next step is optional and consists in filling the area that should become transparent with a plain colour first.
  2. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Learn more With Script-Fu, loading and saving a PNG loses alpha. Ask Question Asked 6 years, 7 months ago. Active 6 years, 7 months ago. Viewed 962 times 4. 1. I'm trying to write a script in GIMP that will load a PNG file and save it again with maximum compression (I also plan on.
  3. How to make an image background transparent using Gimp, shows you how to make the image background transparent and more. Last Updated: July 20, 2018. Latest News: I have updated the URL to some images. Important: Only file formats that support transparency include GIF, PNG and TIFF, through either a transparent color or an alpha channel
  4. The best way to enhance an image is to change its background. Sadly, the conventional image editors do not provide this feature and you will have to use professional editors like Photoshop or GIMP
  5. This means that like in GIMP, Photoshop saved 8 bit pngs will have jaggies. To partially solve this, it is possible to, as in the GIMP solution, set the background color. However, the Photoshop implementation is much simpler. Just select the mask color option, and set the color picker to the color of the background the picture is intended to sit on. Adobe Fireworks supports variable alpha in.
  6. Ob beim Export der Alpha-Kanal die anderen Kanäle beinflusst, das muss der Nutzer entscheiden können. Die meisten Leute wollen sicherlich premultiplied Alpha (d.h. Farbkanäle multipliziert mit Alphakanal), weil man sonst Farbsäume an den Übergangen hat. Daher sollte das auch das Standardverhalten sein. Re: Warum das so gedacht ist Autor: peh.guevara 14.02.20 - 09:00 Genau, wäre ja.

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Wenn man in GIMP den Alpha-Kanal loescht, wird alles, was durchsichtig war mit der Hintergrundfarbe eingefaerbt und sichtbar gemacht. Es ist dann z.B. nicht rot, sondern weiss. Waehrend man, solange es transparent war sogar nachvollziehen konnte, dass es rot ist, indem man den Berich mit der Pipette anschaut. Die zeigt dann (R,G,B,A) 100,0,0,0 Denke daran, dass die Standardeinstellungen für den Export von GIMP das Bild im JPG-Format speichern, aber die Transparenz des Bilds wird nur gespeichert, wenn du das Bild im PNG-Format speicherst. Vorgehensweise. Methode 1 von 2: Ein ganzes Bild transparent machen. 1. Öffne GIMP. Das Icon der GIMP App zeigt ein Hunde-ähnliches Gesicht, das einen Pinsel im Mund hält. Es kann sein, dass das. The most common reason why the eraser tool isn't erasing to transparency is because there isn't an alpha channel added to the layer. An alpha channel is essentially a transparent layer that gets positioned beneath your image (even though there's no actual layer for it in the layers menu.) Without it, the GIMP eraser will erase to white. With it, it'll erase to transparency

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Decompose an RGBA Image to a svg file with color image and mask image. - TinyTinni/gimp_svg_mas From: João Sebastião de Oliveira Bueno Calligaris <jsbueno src gnome org>; To: commits-list gnome org; Cc: ; Subject: [gimp] Export image histogram to text file; Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2014 12:42:12 +0000 (UTC

transparency - GIMP: Background removal gives gray fringeManiapark • View topic - [Tutorial - 2D] Add alpha channelxna - how to make a spritefont with multiple colors andgimp - Antialiasing on a transparent background, pngHow To Make Image Background Transparent Using GIMPRemoving Image Backgrounds - GIMP Fuzzy Select | Gimp Tips

GIMP Version: 2.8.14 Operating System: Windows GIMP Experience: New User Ok, new to Gimp, so I probably got something wrong, even though I scoured youtube Login Register: Tweets FAQ Advanced Search: It is currently Thu May 14, 2020 4:23 am: View unanswered posts | View active topics. Latest GIMP Scripts & Plug-ins. Board index » Gimp Help. All times are UTC - 5 hours [ DST] PNG Alpha. Now you can open dds files with Gimp, and better, export them Step 2 : Preparing the files First, you must have finished the diffuse. Indeed editing alpha during the WIP is fastidious (personally I add an alpha with DXTBmp during the whole WIP, and when my diffuse is finished, I import the alpha with Gimp). Then I duplicate my project which name is diffuse.xcf, so I have in my folder the. Dismiss Join GitHub today. GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together Colors>Color to alpha and remove the white; File>Export as PNG Hey there, Ofnuts. Thanks for the reply. I'm a bit new to GIMP and I only learn new things when I need them. (I usually just use GIMP to make a logo or a background). But I needed the GIF for my centerpiece logo to put in After Effects. I'm not sure if PNG would have made the image. For instance, using Color-to-alpha to remove the red gives this: You will notice that in the 2.8 results, there are darker pixels that are due to Gimp 2.8 working on gamma-corrected values (the result is still vastly better than the jagged edges you get with simpler methods). Gimp 2.10 works in linear light and has no such problems. Refinement

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